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Productivity Tools Revolutionizing the Modern Workforce

How to Maximize Business Efficiencies in Orlando

At Sentry IT Solutions, we’re passionate about productivity tools for local small businesses. Cutting-edge technology is no longer reserved for large corporations alone. Today’s innovative tools are redefining how small businesses streamline operations, keep hybrid teams connected and boost productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies, applications and strategies driving digitization, strengthening security and increasing efficiencies.

Keep Remote and Onsite Staff Connected with Cloud Computing Solutions

More and more businesses are leaving slow, rigid legacy hardware behind and embracing the flexibility, reliability and security of cloud services. These service-based platforms offer a multitude of modern business advantages at one predictable monthly fee.

Do you think your employees have access to what they need when they need it? If you’re not sure, consider cloud computing solutions to boost communication, decrease downtime and ramp up resources on demand.

Cloud Computing Solutions:

  • Enhance collaboration. Keep remote and onsite staff connected to important documents and each other — anytime, anywhere.
  • Provide business continuity. Most cloud computing and storage options use a multi-pronged approach and store data off-site in multiple locations. That’s important when it comes to backup and recovery. Most cloud computing services provide uptime guarantees as well.
  • Scale easily. It’s easy to scale storage and bandwidth resources up or down as business needs change.

For help deciding on a deployment model, implementation and management, speak with a local managed services provider experienced in cloud computing solutions.

Drive Team Collaboration with Microsoft 365 Applications

Popular apps like Teams, Word, PowerPoint and Excel offer all the productivity tools your team needs to stay connected and work efficiently. At home, on the road or in the office, this cloud-based solution gives staff anytime/anywhere access to company documents so business gets done.

Do your technology solutions help your employees do their job from wherever they work? If you’re hesitating, consider Microsoft 365 applications to boost team collaboration and support anytime, anywhere productivity.

Microsoft 365 Applications Provide:

  • Real-time document-sharing video conferencing
  • Anytime, anywhere access to important apps and documents
  • Award-winning, user-friendly apps
  • Automated workflows

Before you choose a Microsoft 365 solution, consider consulting with a local managed services provider. They can help you choose the right subscription, migrate data and provide ongoing tech support.

Tablet as a Tool

If you think tablets are just for gaming and scrolling through various social media pages, you’re wrong.

Tablets are affordable, easy to use and easy to carry. They also come in handy during meetings, whether you are taking or recording notes, presenting or suddenly need to send an email. And as more companies shift toward a remote environment, tablets allow employees to access files, update blogs and/or websites, and receive and send messages from anywhere that has an internet connection — and don’t require as much space as a laptop.

All tablets feature touchscreens but also work with keyboards, allowing employees to mimic an office-like workspace whether they’re sitting under an umbrella at the beach or finishing up a report before hopping on a flight.

Get an Expert Consultation

You take your car to an expert for routine maintenance and unexpected issues. Why would your business tech infrastructure be any different?

If you’re looking for new technology to support, streamline and optimize your operations, consult with a professional. A managed services provider is experienced with building personalized tech solutions aligned with your unique business objectives. That includes transforming your business with the latest and greatest productivity tools available.

Sentry IT Solutions Knows Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

Sentry IT Solutions, Orlando's leader in innovative tech solutions, specializes in helping local businesses make the most of their technology. For other tech industry trends, read more of our informative blogs, or contact our team to learn what we can do for your business.


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Now Is the Perfect Time to Create an Emerging Technology Strategy in Orlando

Are you bringing up emerging technology in your Orlando business' quarterly budget meetings? If not, you should! It drives revenue growth, and who doesn’t want that?

The good news: companies that use innovative technology increased their annual revenue by 58%, according to Oracle. Further, companies that use new technology innovations grow their annual net income by the rate of 80% compared to those businesses that don’t.

Gartner thinks investing in innovative technology is worth the investment, too. In fact, Gartner recommends that, at minimum, 1.5 to 3.5% of your revenue be invested in IT infrastructure.

New Technology Means Happy Employees, Greater Productivity, Revenue

Your team’s work attitude takes a nosedive when they’re forced to use antiquated technology.

Nearly 6 in 10 IT personnel believe that using old-fashioned technology can cause employee morale to plummet, according to Spiceworks. By the same rate, using old technology has a negative effect on productivity.

New technology resources such as decision intelligence, AI-based cybersecurity and productivity tools have the reverse effect on your team, increasing productivity, improving workflow, and increasing employee satisfaction.

Build a Solid IT Infrastructure

You should seriously consider undergoing a real-time technology checklist to see where your infrastructure stands right now. You can find out if your technology is bulletproof against hackers, if it eases your decision making, and if it allows collaboration, for some examples.

The bad news is that you’ll likely discover some areas for improvement, such as with updates. With a tech checklist, you’ll know where you stand, and that’s gold when it comes to peace of mind.

When planning improvements and updates to your IT infrastructure, it’s easier than you think to get it wrong.

Top 3 mistakes businesses make include:

  1. Underestimating risk: 94% of businesses have at least one computer with no, weak, dated, or expired antivirus software, according to Inc.
  2. Not taking security seriously: Ignoring security means you risk business interruption, a tarnished reputation, and financial security.
  3. Ignoring audits: IT-related protocols should be a continual and ongoing process.

Your technology checklist identifies where your business can:

  • Optimize and transform IT
  • Increase productivity
  • Discover areas for improvement
  • Enhance operations
  • Bolster security

Now’s the Time

With a customized technology checklist, our experts in IT lifecycle management guide you on areas like cost and transition, allowing you to stay up to date with advancements, while offering you peace of mind for your business.

Our team takes the reins on your integration and trains your employees on how to use the new solutions. Lastly, we ensure your IT remains optimized with 24/7 maintenance, while delivering a smooth retirement of your previous solutions.

Once we’ve identified the solution that’s right for you, our team gets to work building your complete strategic package. We’ll provide an effortless transition experience to your new system along with the seamless retirement of your prior solutions.

Now is the ideal time to update with emerging technology for your Orlando business. The experts at Sentry Technology Solutions keep your business competitive and deliver solutions that propel your business into the future.

If you are ready to take advantage of emerging technology, schedule a time to speak with our experts. We can help take your business to the next level.


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How Two-Factor Authentication Can Protect Companies in Orlando

You’re driving around Orlando and realize you need some cash. You pull up to an ATM. Before you can access the money in your bank account, however, you must use a card and enter a personal identification number (PIN). Or you head to an e-commerce site to buy some presents. You enter your password — but your cellphone buzzes. The site has texted you a code you need to log in to start shopping. These are examples of two-factor authentication or 2FA. This is a form of security that requires users to show at least two — and on occasion three — forms of identity to log on or access a network.

What Is 2FA?

It’s a newer, more modern form of cybersecurity. Google conducted a study and found that adding a phone number recovery to accounts, and then sending text messages to that account whenever someone logs in, blocked 100% of automated bots, 96% of bulk phishing attacks, and 76% of targeted attacks.

When it comes to securing data online, passwords can be ineffective, especially if people use similar ones across multiple accounts or use birthdays and any other personal information that can be accessed online.

As its name implies, two-factor authentication includes another layer of protection against cybercriminals.

Here are the three factors of authentication that make life tough for anyone trying to compromise your data:

1. Knowledge

This is something only you would know, such as a PIN number, password or in some instances, a passphrase. This is the easiest one to steal, which is why other factors are required.

2. Possession

It’s rare that a hacker can steal your password and something like a bank card or key fob, which is what makes this factor so important. Other examples include an app on your phone or a software token.

3. Inheritance

Otherwise known as what you are, this is probably the hardest factor to compromise. This is verified by anything unique to you physically, such as a retinal scan, fingerprint, or voice/facial recognition.

4. Mix it Up

Authentication is effective only when using two different factors rather than multifactors. For example, requiring users to present both a fingerprint and a key fob ensures far more security than asking them to enter two passwords.

Partnering With Strong Security

Two-factor authentication is the sophisticated security businesses need to stave off cybercriminals, who are becoming more and more audacious by the day. Old, cookie-cutter forms of security won’t cut it anymore. The more layers, the better. And requiring users to add various forms of identification is a big step toward propelling your security forward. Reach out to us today to learn more about the cybersecurity we offer and book a no-risk, no-cost security assessment. We’ll evaluate the state of your security and work with you on how to fix it.

Book a call with our team of experts.


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Ransomware Attacks in Orlando Are Imminent

The FBI and Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) recently announced a public service warning of ransomware attacks looming on the horizon. With attacks on the rise, particularly surrounding holidays and weekends, Sentry IT Solutions urges Orlando-based businesses of all sizes to remain vigilant throughout the rest of the year.

This year is on track to being one of the darkest for cybercrime. In fact, the first six months of this calendar year saw a 151% increase in attacks compared to the same time last year.

While your business is at higher risk of encountering ransomware, the Sentry IT Solutions team is proactively working to keep our community safe and provide 360-degree ransomware protection. As your local cybersecurity experts, we understand our civic duty in protecting your business and staying ahead of the latest threats.

How Cyberthreats Infiltrate Businesses

Cybercriminals today are masters of deception and social engineering. They use believable phishing emails disguised as trusted brands to manipulate people into revealing their sensitive information.

These messages alert you of supposed purchases made to your account or potential compromises to your account, urging you to click a link or download an attachment. At first glance, they appear legitimate, and one wrong click in less than a second’s time can provide a floodgate of trouble for your business.

Your data becomes encrypted, the ransom alert and timer are set, and pressure is put on your business from all angles. Long gone are the days when a ransomware attack focused solely on your business. Now, they reach out to your clients and investors, sharing that their data is compromised as a result and increase pressure exponentially to have you pay out fast and big.

That's when you’ll really feel your back is up against a wall.

The Latest Ransomware Tools

The techniques and tools behind ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated alongside their social savviness. Here are just a few of the latest ransomware tools in circulation.

  • CryptoWall — infiltrates operating systems with an email and fake downloads
  • Locky — Microsoft Word document that’s sent through email and contains malicious macros
  • TorrentLocker — targets Microsoft Windows and uses malware to encrypt the victim’s files before demanding ransom
  • CTB-Locker — encrypts files on a hard disk and demands ransom; known for high infection rates
  • CrypVault — renames a file extension to “.vault” to make it seem like it’s already quarantined by anti-malware

Keeping track of these and thousands of other methods isn’t realistic for the everyday businessman or woman. However, Sentry IT Solutions is well-versed in the most advanced ransomware attack strategies and ransomware prevention methods in today’s market. We use sophisticated, zero trust methods to keep your data locked down, yet still accessible and intuitive for those who should be accessing it.

A Cost Beyond Dollar Figures

According to research by the National Security Institute, the average ransomware demand is a steep $200,000 and can be tempting to pay out and try to recover over time. After all, it’s a worthwhile price to pay to get your business and client’s critical data back, right?

But the costs go far beyond the initial ransom request.

If you pay, you’re increasing the risk of your business being flagged for retargeting, and potentially won’t get your data back despite following the ransom instructions. In fact, more than nine out of 10 victims of ransomware never get their data back.

Additionally, they are beginning to reach out to those you do business with, breeding a cloud of mistrust and potentially lost business and reputational damage that lingers for years to come. This creates a cycle of decreased ROI, increased risk and, for many, the end to their business altogether.

The overwhelming consensus: save your business by investing in preventative measures, rather than paying the ultimate price when it’s too late.

What Does Ransomware Protection Look Like?

Although the problem can feel insurmountable and overwhelming, there are many strategies we can help implement to defend your business. Here are just a few of our suggestions:

  1. Train Your Team: Cybersecurity training is a must. Forbes notes that human error accounts for 95 percent of cybersecurity breaches. So, investing in all the right tools may be useless if your employee’s digital behavior is your weakest link. However, with frequent and proper training, they can become your first line of defense and greatest asset in cybersecurity efforts.
  2. Update Your Software as Soon as You’re Prompted: While having to restart your computer can feel like a pain during your midday activities, it’s critical to the health of your business. Software updates seal the cracks where attackers could potentially let themselves into your systems. However, expert managed security partners can work with your team to create an automated updates schedule that minimizes interruptions to your operations.
  3. Adjust Your Security to Factor in Remote Workers: Nearly 70 percent of organizations have experienced a compromise because of a remote office or roaming user. Yet, most users don’t use the proper VPNs to account for travelling or remote employees. With the right VPN in place, you can disguise your network and secure your data against external threats.

It’s Time to Partner with an MSP

There’s never been a more pressing time to seek out expert cybersecurity support, and the expertise at Sentry IT Solutions goes well beyond ransomware prevention. We assess your current technology infrastructure and arm your business with a comprehensive strategy required to defend your data. In addition to increased security, we offer a wide spectrum of services that equip your business to operate more efficiently and intuitively.

There will always be risks in operating a business, but with Sentry IT Solutions, you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands.

To request a security assessment and gauge your risk of a ransomware attack in Orlando, reach out to one of our experts today.


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4 Painless Ways to Integrate Cybersecurity Training in Orlando

Your employees get a ton of emails each day. They are faced continually with messages from vendors asking them to click on a link to, say, avoid their beloved binge-show channel getting canceled due to nonpayment.

They click. They get redirected to a fraudulent site (which looks a lot like the trusted one). They give out their login info.

That’s all it takes for a cybercriminal to access their account and any information stored there, perhaps to sell on the dark web.

With 95% of cybersecurity breaches caused by human error, according to IBM, maybe it’s time to think about more proactive ways to defend your business, such as implementing cybersecurity training.

Employees are the most common targets for cybercriminals, according to Entrepreneur, despite firewalls and security software.

But with cybersecurity solutions, your employees can graduate to become your biggest defender.

Here are the top four ways you can get your team up to speed:

  1. Make it easy on them — Give your employees paid time to watch videos, read guides and talk with IT professionals. Help them understand the threats that lurk and can cause data breaches, from phishing scams to ransomware attacks. Consider rewards as incentives once they pass security quizzes and tests.
  2. Hold everyone to the same standard — Just because she’s been CEO for five years doesn’t mean she’s any more able to prevent a data breach than the new guy who’s still figuring out the coffee machine. Trust everyone equally and put all your employees on a level landscape when it comes to security.
  3. Keep it fun — Some companies give out prizes for the employees who successfully thwart a phishing scam, even though it’s a simulation. Remember when your favorite teacher made geography a fun subject? When your employees treat cybersecurity training as an exciting and competitive game, they learn in the process, and your business is better protected.
  4. Outsource training to your MSP — As a business owner, you may not have the time to provide your staff with adequate training. You may also not know best security practices, and that’s okay because you can still get proactive with cybersecurity solutions. At Sentry IT Solutions, we know exactly how to teach your employees to protect your sensitive data, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

While cybercriminals are busy thinking of new ways to seize your data and sell it on the dark web, you can outwit them using your most valuable asset: your employees.

With data breaches increasing in intensity and frequency and cybercrimes getting more and more complex, it’s time to arm your team.

Give your employees the knowledge they need to protect your business. At Sentry IT Solutions, we teach all your employees, from the top of the rung to the new hires, how to improve their cybersecurity awareness. We give everyone on your team the instruction they need to engage in best practice policies that are sure to thwart the bad guys.

Interested in learning more about cybersecurity training in location? Consult the experts at Sentry IT Solutions.


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Dark Web Cybersecurity in Orlando – 4 Ways to Stay Proactive and Secure

At Sentry IT Solutions, we see all too frequently hardworking businesses just like yours halted in their tracks due to cybersecurity breaches stemming from the dark web. Cybercrimes are surging, as a result of our technological advancements and the digital era we live in. On average, Ponemon found that hackers and cybercriminals cost organizations $607,745 per incident. And as if that’s not bad enough, nearly 60 percent of small businesses must close within six months of a cyberattack due to financial and reputational strains.

But the threat doesn’t end with your company. Oftentimes, data and credentials find their way into the dark web, a complex network cloaked in unidentifiable VPNs where anonymity facilitates a playground for criminal activity.

Experian compiled a list of what your data sells for on the black market. Nonfinancial login credentials go for as low as $1. Payment service logins, like PayPal, can fetch criminals up to $200. And for those dealing with medical records — those can sell for up to $1,000!

So, what can you do to fight back against these malicious acts? Here are four ways to maintain dark web protection in the Orlando area and keep your data safe and sound.

1. Use Threat Monitoring and Response Tools:

These specialized scanners identify and monitor at-risk credentials and send alerts when hackers try to access your sensitive information. They notify you as to which information is compromised, giving you time to respond and secure your identity and accounts. Threat scanning helps you react quickly so you can mitigate your risks.

2. Dark Web Education:

You can train your employees to act and react with company security in mind. Through security awareness and phishing simulations, your staff can learn how to better protect and defend your data. Regular cybersecurity trainings can also help ensure that everyone understands the newest cybersecurity threats and prevention methods.

3. Security Tools:

There's a wide variety of security tools that can be deployed to secure your networks, such as multifactor authentication, single sign-on and secure password vaults. You can also install automated software that continually keeps your passwords fresh and your networks secure.

4. Invest in Quality IT Services:

Manage service providers, like our team, are ready to take 24/7 monitoring and worry off your hands. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to technology solutions, and having an expert understand your unique infrastructure, needs, demands and goals can help ensure you have all the right tools you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Don't Face the Dark Web Alone

With the right technology partner by your side, you can align cybersecurity and dark web protection with your business priorities. At Sentry IT Solutions, we’ll deploy forward-thinking managed services that identify your company’s vulnerabilities and keeps your business operating smoothly. To learn more about our services, reach out to us today!


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Phishing Prevention in Orlando Is Easier Than You’d Think

Phishing emails can seem innocent at first, primarily because they appear to come from familiar sources, such as Netflix or Amazon. I mean, who doesn’t love their Netflix and Prime? We all recognize the familiar logos of the services we’ve relied on for so long. So when an email arrives with the right branding and logo, it grabs our attention. The malicious email may read, “we’ve been having trouble with your billing information, and we need you to make an update as soon as possible to continue your service.” That’s just one example of how easily hackers can drag unsuspecting people down to the dark web with malvertising.

Phishing remains the number one threat used in successful data breaches, according to a Verizon Report. Hackers are becoming increasingly advanced with their phishing attacks, putting countless Orlando companies at risk for widespread data breaches and expensive downtime. An unfortunate 60 percent of small businesses shut down for good after experiencing a cyberattack.

In this blog, we’ll go over four phishing prevention strategies you can use to keep your business safe.

Set up Email Security Filters

Phishing prevention is within your control with email security. Email software scans employees’ computers for malicious content, blocking the delivery of potentially threatening emails while allowing safe emails to be delivered. Email security checks for suspicious activity in your email, sorting through inbound, outbound and internal communications to flag potential phishing attacks. Deployed as a cloud service or an on-premises application, email-security tools ensure your employees — and your business — are less likely to fall victim to malware and phishing attacks.

Rely on Backup and Recovery

Did you know that nearly 75 percent of attacks targeting U.S. businesses are successful? With 20 percent of data breaches labeled as phishing scams, hackers are not only increasing their activities; they’ve got a good likelihood of success. But if you’ve kept your data backed up, you’ll increase your recovery time and decrease downtime in case of a data breach. By maintaining backups in several locations and testing often, you’ll mitigate your recovery time in case of a loss.

Employ Security Awareness Training

Phishing sites are found 75 times more often on the Internet than malware sites. And more than one in five data breaches involved phishing. Employees who complete security awareness training are more likely to report suspicious emails to their employers. A report that studied the impact of phishing on businesses found that organizations saw an 87 percent improvement rate in preventative activities, like employees reporting phishing attacks, after one year of training. Instead of being your company’s weak point, your employees can turn into your biggest data defenders thanks to cybersecurity training.

Partner with a Managed Service Provider

Managed service providers, like Sentry IT Solutions, can provide your team with comprehensive phishing prevention and a wide variety of other managed technology and security services. Outsourced technology experts are a fantastic asset to any business, as they hold deep expertise in numerous industries and understand the latest innovations and threats in circulation.

Phishing is just one of the many threats your business faces. If you’re not sure where your cybersecurity stands or you are looking to enhance your current strategies, reach out to Sentry IT Solutions today. Our passion is protecting businesses and showing them that 24/7 peace of mind is attainable with the right IT partner on your side! Contact us today to get started.


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Prioritize the Growth of Your Business with IT Consulting Services

IT consulting services are, in simplest terms, advisory services that assist businesses in the process of aligning their technology strategy with their business strategy or model. In the process, the consultant or team of consulting professionals helps your business assess IT needs, the current state of IT infrastructure and formulate an industry-specific implementation plan that addresses the unique needs of your business. When you think of IT consulting for your Orlando business, you probably think of these services as a means to solve technology problems, deploy new technology and even improve business performance.

However, these advisory services can also drive the growth and boost the productivity of your business. Continue reading to see how you can prioritize the growth of your business with the assistance of an outsourced IT support provider, such as Sentry IT Solutions.

Avoid a Piecemeal Approach

One of the biggest problems for businesses when it comes to prioritizing growth and scalability is a fragmented approach to IT solutions. This leads companies to unwittingly purchase, implement and manage overlapping solutions that are neither cost-efficient nor procedurally effective. You’re then left paying exorbitant amounts of money for software, hardware, equipment or features your business simply does not need. Not only are you duplicating specific functionality, but you’re also leaving yourself vulnerable to missing certain functionality down the line.

Instead, you should invest in an IT consultant who can provide your business with less costly solutions. This equips your company with adequate storage space and compatible software, providing long-term upgrades and future discounts that you can benefit from. Your business will save money, free up valuable space and position your organization for future growth.

Benefit from In-depth Knowledge

If your business is like many other small and midsized companies, your in-house IT staff is likely composed of generalists who have basic knowledge across a wide range of technology areas. These types of companies can get by just fine handling their day-to-day responsibilities and minor security conflicts that arise. However, for businesses looking to drive growth and boost their bottom line in the process, it's critical to invest in a managed IT provider with specialized knowledge that can provide the smart solutions you require. This allows for no second guessing, as a technology expert enables you to make smart, confident technology decisions that maximize your budget and prepare your business for future growth.

Easily Scale Up or Down

Scalability is a critical aspect of business growth and development. The only way to achieve scalability, however, is to focus on improving the profitability and efficiency of your services to sustain your operations even when your workload increases. One great method of prioritizing the scalability of your business is choosing the right pricing model for your IT services, such as IT helpdesk support, network services, server management and backend disaster recovery.

When you partner with an IT consulting professional Orlando, we’ll recommend that your business invests in a budget-conscious IT plan that allows you to easily scale up or down when your business needs change. You’ll reserve the remaining business funds for other needs. Optimize critical operations, improve productivity and watch your business grow.

Prepare for Growth

It's time to partner with an IT consultant from Sentry IT Solutions who can provide you with your ideal managed IT services. We’ll work with you every step of the way to identify your business’s areas of weakness and what processes can be improved to better serve your company.


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How to Take a Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

Each year, the volume of cybersecurity threats continues to steadily climb, with more than one billion malware programs out there and approximately 560,000 new pieces of malware being detected each day. All the while, regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are constantly evolving. This means even the most minor of security breaches can be incredibly devastating for your organization, leading to negative publicity, hefty fines and a loss of confidence in your brand.  

At Sentry IT Solutions, we can help you implement a proactive approach to cybersecurity that sees your business is protected on all fronts in a dynamic, complex and ever-evolving threat landscape. This means understanding your organization, including its systems, applications and user base, identifying where vulnerabilities lie and addressing security risks before an attack ever occurs. This article will delve into how to do just that with a dedicated technology partner by your side.  

Identify and Evaluate Risks for Assets That Could Be Affected by Cyberattacks 

A proactive approach to cybersecurity is all about understanding, managing and mitigating risk to your company’s critical assets. The easiest way to accomplish this mission and ensure any shortfalls in your IT infrastructure are properly addressed is to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. Here are a few basic steps to ensure a smooth risk assessment within your organization:  

  1. Identify and Prioritize Assets: Here is where you will determine the scope of the assessment and decide which valuable assets attackers may wish to target.  
  2. Identify Threats: A cyberthreat is anything that could cause harm to your organization, such as hardware failure, natural disasters, human error and more.  
  3. Identify Vulnerabilities: This is where you’ll identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited to breach security and cause harm or steal data from your organization. 
  4. Analyze Controls: These are any controls that are in place to mitigate or eliminate the possibility of a cyberthreat. They should be classified as either preventative or detective. 
  5. Calculate the Likelihood of an Attack: At this point, you can determine the likelihood of a given attack considering the current control environment your organization has in place. 
  6. Develop a Risk Assessment Report: Finally, you can develop a risk management report that supports management in decision-making on cybersecurity budget, policies and procedures.  

Invest in Preventative Cybersecurity Measures 

Just like there is not one security product that can completely encompass all your organization’s vulnerabilities, there is not a single cybersecurity policy that can sufficiently address all the needs of your business. Instead, it’s time to invest in a multi-layered, integrated cybersecurity strategy that covers many core areas of cybersecurity, including network security, cloud security, application security, Internet of Things (IoT) security and more. To lay the foundation for a solid cybersecurity strategy, it’s important to do the following: 

  • Understand the risks your organization faces on a daily basis 
  • Establish protective monitoring to detect and mitigate these threats 
  • Prepare secure data backups that keep your business up and running in the event of an attack 
  • Revisit your cybersecurity strategy as your organization changes and evolves over time 

Never Underestimate the Power of Cybersecurity Training 

A proactive approach to cybersecurity begins with awareness. While lack of proper training can leave employees more than vulnerable to releasing cyberattacks on to your organization, diverting resources into proper cybersecurity training could very well mean the difference between the success and failure of your business. The responsibility always lies on the employer to ensure that your employees have the knowledge they need to make the right decisions and where to turn if they have any questions related to cybersecurity. To prioritize cybersecurity training for your employees, we recommend getting executive buy-in, start training early and often and making the security health of your organization an ongoing, team effort. 

Stop Relying on Reactive Cybersecurity Measures Alone to Protect Your Business 

If your company’s current cybersecurity strategy is limited to firewalls, antivirus or anti-malware software, ad blockers and other measures put in place to spot the tell-tale signs of a security breach, there’s a good chance that you already have a reactive cybersecurity strategy in place. Unfortunately, reactive cybersecurity measures on their own are not enough to comprise a strong cybersecurity defense. You need to have a combination of both proactive and reactive measures in order to actively prevent data breaches and mitigate cyberthreats. For more cybersecurity solutions, include cloud security services, contact the experts at Sentry IT Solutions.


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Cloud Services to Increase Business Productivity

The right cloud services has the potential to vastly improve a business’s overall efficiency, performance and productivity. However, when it comes to choosing the right technology for your workplace, it can be difficult to select the best options out of the myriad of options available today. With that in mind, let’s delve into how the right technology can improve workplace productivity, enhance your business and help you meet your goals.

Remember, if you’re looking for assistance with increasing business communication and productivity, contact the technology experts at Sentry Technology Solutions. We’re happy to discuss cloud services and other options that can improve your operations.

Trust in the Cloud to Accelerate Workflows and Minimize Downtime

In recent years, the process of virtualizing workloads and moving on-site applications to the cloud has become well-accepted. From the inherent flexibility to the scalability, businesses across the globe are recognizing and adopting some form of a cloud infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to deploy an application or collaborate with remote employees, the cloud offers a myriad of possibilities.

In addition to cutting down the amount of time it takes to complete projects, the cloud also makes protecting your critical data, systems and devices much easier with a safe backup and recovery plan.

Master Accessibility and Collaboration with VoIP

There was a time when complex and expensive telecommunications systems weren’t an option for most small to medium-sized businesses. Nowadays, there are several innovative solutions to choose from, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). With VoIP, telecommuting and remote collaboration has never been easier. Your employees have access to the information they need around the clock with no gaps in service — all they need is a stable internet connection.

So, put the intelligence into a network rather than a headset, and enjoy the streamlined communication and boosted productivity that VoIP offers. Your employees will never be out of contact with customers or fail to have access to the information they need simply because they’re away from their desk or working remotely.

Turn to Mobile Equipment to Increase Efficiencies

Today, more and more businesses are leveraging mobility to streamline their workflows and increase employee productivity. With modern day smartphones, tablets and laptops, lugging a lot of equipment around or being tied to an office are no longer issues. Implementing mobile workstations means your employees can access company data and resources from anywhere in the world – in the office, at home or working in the field.

Remote work options can also lead to happier, more engaged and more productive workers. From checking an email on the road to participating in a conference call from home, employees can be mobile and still get business done.

Invest in Flexible Technology

When you’re immersed in the day-to-day challenges of operating a business, you may struggle to see the big picture. Carve out some time to consider how implementing flexible technology like cloud services and VoIP can boost productivity. For expert guidance, contact Sentry Technology Solutions. We can discuss your business goals and recommend appropriate, affordable IT solutions.


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