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Cybersecurity Benefits for Those Who Check Their Tech in Orlando

Cybersecurity benefits are boundless. But unless you’re checking your tech regularly, you really don’t know how sturdy your cybersecurity really is. And if you’re running your business on old, outdated security, you’re living on borrowed time — especially if your sensitive data or your clients’ sensitive data makes its way on to the dark web, where it can be sold and bought by the highest bidder.

Leaving your network open to data breaches can cause irreparable financial harm, destroying everything you and your staff have spent years trying to build. But by routinely updating and evaluating the state of your security, you can prevent your business from being waylaid by these potentially crippling scenarios:

High costs — Even a minor data breach has the power to bring your business to a standstill, especially if you haven’t partnered with an MSP who can help put an effective disaster and recovery plan in place. Downtime can be costly: TechChannel found that 91 percent of businesses said one hour of downtime can amount to losses of more than $300,000. And just one percent said hourly downtime costs less than $100,000. The US National Cyber Security Alliance found that small businesses must pay upwards of $690,000 to recover from an attack or breach. That’s a lot of money that should be going toward serving your customers and growing your business. Working with modern, up-to-date security is a great way to avoid such exorbitant costs.

Harm to your reputation — Very few people and companies want to hire someone they don’t trust. After all, when a breach occurs, it’s not just your data that’s compromised — it’s your customers’ data as well. And damage to your reputation often results in damage to your bottom line. In fact, Forbes found that companies that fall victim to a cyberattack see the price of their shares fall by seven percent. Regaining someone’s trust is hard, so the best way to keep your customer base intact is by doing regular security checks that help prevent breaches before they become a problem.

Closing your doors for good — There are many cybersecurity benefits to routinely checking your tech, but none more than the survival of your business. Cyberattacks and data breaches can be fatal to small businesses — TechRepublic reported that 66 percent of all small- and medium-sized businesses go out of business completely or are forced to close for at least one day after suffering an attack. Cybercriminals often target small businesses because they don’t believe those companies have the manpower and resources to defend themselves as well as the larger, richer companies. Regularly checking your tech goes a long way toward making sure your business stays out of a hacker’s crosshairs.

Just having cybersecurity isn’t enough. In order for your security to be effective, it needs to be up-to-date and able to keep up with the ever-growing audacity of today’s cybercriminals. If you have any questions or are unsure how to do a tech check of your security, reach out to our team today. Don’t wait for a breach to start effectively safeguarding your network.

Appalachian Network Services in North Carolina provides security solutions that help you keep up with and stay protected against the latest threats. Our expert team offers services that are scalable, cost-efficient and can be customized to protect any business in any industry. Let us protect your business like it’s our business. Call us today and we will work with you on creating an effective checklist that ensures your security is up to date and up to standards.

Put your money and focus where they belong — toward the growth of your business.

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Productivity Tools Revolutionizing the Modern Workforce

How to Maximize Business Efficiencies in Orlando

At Sentry IT Solutions, we’re passionate about productivity tools for local small businesses. Cutting-edge technology is no longer reserved for large corporations alone. Today’s innovative tools are redefining how small businesses streamline operations, keep hybrid teams connected and boost productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies, applications and strategies driving digitization, strengthening security and increasing efficiencies.

Keep Remote and Onsite Staff Connected with Cloud Computing Solutions

More and more businesses are leaving slow, rigid legacy hardware behind and embracing the flexibility, reliability and security of cloud services. These service-based platforms offer a multitude of modern business advantages at one predictable monthly fee.

Do you think your employees have access to what they need when they need it? If you’re not sure, consider cloud computing solutions to boost communication, decrease downtime and ramp up resources on demand.

Cloud Computing Solutions:

  • Enhance collaboration. Keep remote and onsite staff connected to important documents and each other — anytime, anywhere.
  • Provide business continuity. Most cloud computing and storage options use a multi-pronged approach and store data off-site in multiple locations. That’s important when it comes to backup and recovery. Most cloud computing services provide uptime guarantees as well.
  • Scale easily. It’s easy to scale storage and bandwidth resources up or down as business needs change.

For help deciding on a deployment model, implementation and management, speak with a local managed services provider experienced in cloud computing solutions.

Drive Team Collaboration with Microsoft 365 Applications

Popular apps like Teams, Word, PowerPoint and Excel offer all the productivity tools your team needs to stay connected and work efficiently. At home, on the road or in the office, this cloud-based solution gives staff anytime/anywhere access to company documents so business gets done.

Do your technology solutions help your employees do their job from wherever they work? If you’re hesitating, consider Microsoft 365 applications to boost team collaboration and support anytime, anywhere productivity.

Microsoft 365 Applications Provide:

  • Real-time document-sharing video conferencing
  • Anytime, anywhere access to important apps and documents
  • Award-winning, user-friendly apps
  • Automated workflows

Before you choose a Microsoft 365 solution, consider consulting with a local managed services provider. They can help you choose the right subscription, migrate data and provide ongoing tech support.

Tablet as a Tool

If you think tablets are just for gaming and scrolling through various social media pages, you’re wrong.

Tablets are affordable, easy to use and easy to carry. They also come in handy during meetings, whether you are taking or recording notes, presenting or suddenly need to send an email. And as more companies shift toward a remote environment, tablets allow employees to access files, update blogs and/or websites, and receive and send messages from anywhere that has an internet connection — and don’t require as much space as a laptop.

All tablets feature touchscreens but also work with keyboards, allowing employees to mimic an office-like workspace whether they’re sitting under an umbrella at the beach or finishing up a report before hopping on a flight.

Get an Expert Consultation

You take your car to an expert for routine maintenance and unexpected issues. Why would your business tech infrastructure be any different?

If you’re looking for new technology to support, streamline and optimize your operations, consult with a professional. A managed services provider is experienced with building personalized tech solutions aligned with your unique business objectives. That includes transforming your business with the latest and greatest productivity tools available.

Sentry IT Solutions Knows Productivity Tools for Small Businesses

Sentry IT Solutions, Orlando's leader in innovative tech solutions, specializes in helping local businesses make the most of their technology. For other tech industry trends, read more of our informative blogs, or contact our team to learn what we can do for your business.


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