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A Closer Look at 5G Network

5G network is the 5th generation of cellular wireless. In the past, it only had to support mobile devices but now with smart watches, and the rapid requirement to work from anywhere – bandwidth is under more demand; therefore a need for faster communication. In replacing the 4G, the 5G network will provide improvements in speed, coverage, and reliability.

1G introduced analog voice; 2G introduced digital voice; 3G ushered in mobile data; and 4G paved the way for widespread mobile internet usage. 5G was introduced to handle the increase in internet usage.

5G network

5G Network Benefits

  • Greater speed to move more data
  • More responsive
  • Ability to connect more devices

5G vs. 4G

The fundamental difference between the 5G and the 4G is the move up to higher frequencies. One reason 5G is better is it supports a huge capacity for fast data. The higher frequencies can be used next to other wireless signals without causing interference. The 4G towers potentially wasted both energy and power because of the way they fired data in all directions. The shorter wavelengths that the 5G uses, provides precise directional control.

The downside is that higher frequencies work when there is a clear, direct line-of-sight between the antenna and the device receiving the signal. Some high frequencies are easily absorbed by humidity, rain, and other objects and don’t travel as far. The answer is to place more antennas – either in every building or throughout the city.

5G Speed

Unlike the 4G, the 5G understands the type of data needed and can switch into a lower power mode when not in use; then switch to a higher mode for things like video streaming.

The 5G is 20 times faster than the 4G. As an example, you could download 10 movies on the 5G before 4G could deliver even the first half of one. At home, you can connect your smartphone, thermostat, video game console, smart locks, virtual reality headset, wireless security camera, tablet, and laptop to the same router without worrying that they will stop working if they are all on at the same time.

5G is currently the testing and developmental phase. Most people are looking for a 2019 or 2020 release. There are a few telecom companies that are already providing 5G in limited areas.

The 5G service or phones are not available everywhere yet and the release dates are different for every carrier. One thing is for certain – 5G will provide an infrastructure that will change the way we work with faster mobile connections and connecting more of our devices with less delays.

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