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Remote Work Force – The New Business Trend

Today, creating a remote work force is a huge trend for businesses. Many companies claim that it’s the best decision they ever made for their business. 

Surveys have shown that more than 70% of employees around the world work from home at least one day a week and those working remotely every day is rapidly growing even higher. The challenge comes with hiring and organizing the remote workforce but once organized, it works seamlessly.

There are other advantages that have been backed by numerous studies and research. Consider the following:

Remote Work Force is More Productive

Remote teams get more done in less time thus improving the bottom line. Working remotely allows employees to start new projects and actually spend more time collaborating as a team.

Why are they more productive? Some of the reasons are simple common sense. Remote workers tend to be more productive because:

  • There is no need to commute into work.
  • They can complete their work on their own time.
  • No distractions by their coworkers.
  • They can take breaks when they need to.
  • Their schedule is more flexible.
  • They are self-motivated.

Another study shows that remote employees tend to go above and beyond the call of duty to be good citizens and give a little extra to the companies they’re working for.

Larger Talent Pool to Choose From

If your business is oriented around a physical office location, you’re going to be a little limited in who you can hire. You may be able to convince some people to move to your location but that can be costly to your company, but that’s not going to work with every prospective employee. For the most part, you’ll be hiring from the local talent pool.

Remote workers change all of that as you open yourself up globally. You can hire employees from anywhere around the world. Think of the talent that is at your beck and call. Another survey has shown that 68% of Millennials would be more inclined to favor a prospective company if remote work was an option. Remote work has proven that retention rates have increased by 10%, which means your top talent will be with you longer.

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Remote Work Force For Better Wellbeing

Numerous studies and research show that certain aspects of in-house work have positive effects on mental and physical wellbeing.

Commuting length has been correlated with higher blood pressure and negative mood in the workplace. Remote work removes the need for a commute and the associated negative effects.

The benefits don’t just stop with removing the commute. Overall workplace stress is vastly reduced with 82% of remote workers reporting lower stress levels.

Reduce Costs

Remote workers can be happier and healthier and those effects can have positive impacts on your business.

A remote team can be just as effective, if not more effective, than a local, in-house team. Although it requires some coordination, it allows everyone more flexibility, which can help your team maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Think of the cost savings. You don’t need to rent large office space or buy expensive office furniture. One disadvantage may be gathering your whole team in the same space but with technology like online meetings and teamwork hubs – this can be easily overcome. 

Create a Remote Work Force for Your Business

The proper technology infrastructure is a key factor to designing a productive work force. Providing remote access like on a cloud-based server and team applications than can be accessed on all devices – like Office 365 are just a few essential tools to help support your employees to work from anywhere.

If you are interested in creating a seamless work force for your business, contact us to start your assessment.

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