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Five Reasons to Choose a Cloud Hosted PBX for Your Business

Cloud-Hosted PBX stands for private branch exchange. It originally referred to business phone systems with local lines between employees plus a certain number of external lines. Traditional PBX includes a “trunk” of multiple lines and an optional console or switchboard. The hosted (or cloud-based) PBX phone system delivers the functions of the PBX system over broadband internet. Companies using a hosted PBX phone system may lease or purchase the phones that employees use. It allows a single number for the entire organization. This benefits an organization when employee locations vary geographically. With hosted PBX, employees can access the network using a variety of telecommunications devices, including mobile phones. 

Cloud-Hosted PBX System More Cost-Effective

Traditional PBX phone systems were often costly. Companies had to estimate what their long term usage would be to insure they had enough lines to accommodate growth. Paying for lines and maintenance that weren’t in use was a wasted use of money. Installation was labor-intensive and involved the placement of physical wires throughout an organization. Cloud Hosted PBX phone systems eliminate this concern. As with many systems, the only up-front expenditure is for the actual phones employees will use. With cloud-based PBX, setup and programming costs are far less, and companies only pay for the lines they need at the time.

Cloud-Hosted PBX Systems Upgrade Easily and Quickly

A cloud-based PBX phone system helps companies not have to pay for installation of lines that they do not currently need. Your phone system can grow one employee at a time, or 100 employees at a time. Adding lines to a hosted PBX phone system is quick and easy. Your IT department can often configure through a web portal. This is true even if you open an office in a different location, because the hosted phones you add become part of your existing system. If you hire remote employees, you can install a “seat” on your network on their mobile phone or in their home office. Rather than taking days to add new users, hosted PBX allows adding users in a matter of hours.

Simpler Moves and Reconfigurations 

The standard features you expect from traditional PBX systems, like call waiting, conference calling, and caller ID are all standard on hosted PBX systems, and hosted PBX systems have many more features, including auto-attendant, find me / follow me, calling groups, call screening, voicemail to email transcription, and many more. Changing features through a web portal is easy, too. A hosted PBX system works like everyone is in one location, even if you are in various locations.

Superior Reliability

The best news is that in addition to all the benefits, hosted PBX systems are extremely reliable. When traditional PBX systems fail, it took days for the system to be up and running. Sometimes that could mean losing clients. This change can happen so quickly, your business may not even notice.

If your business is ready for a phone system upgrade, contact The Sentry Tech Team. We often are able to provide a lower-cost and more integrated solution for your business.

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