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How will Artificial Intelligence affect the work place?

When artificial intelligence was first talked about, it sounded very futuristic but the future is here now in the present. We can see it in small ways – self check-out in some stores. Also, some fast food restaurants like Wawa has a kiosk for self-ordering. Even some higher-end restaurants take payments electronically eliminating all the paper receipts. This all adds to more accuracy and less wait times for the most part.

Artificial Intelligence

Some industries see this progress with artificial intelligence as a threat but there are benefits that are apparent. Many operations are faster and more efficient resulting in company members making more informed decisions. This gives a competitive advantage to companies using these innovations. The general population is worried about job displacement. True – there are some jobs that are at greater risk of being replaced but in most cases, it’s the tasks that are being replaced rather than jobs.

There is still a need for creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, relationship building, imagination, and teamwork. Some of the top newspapers have generated content using automation. Machines can sift through large amounts of data for information relevant to the topic.

There are advantages in the medical field, as well. New AI machines can determine causes of illnesses more effectively than physicians. Using an AI system, 225 potential brain tumor cases were diagnosed with 87% accuracy vs. a team of 15 doctors from top hospitals taking 30 minutes with a 66% success rate.

In the past, robotics were used for physical tasks but now they can work alongside people to do complex jobs. Humans still have an advantage and will always have the advantage. Changes are happening and it behooves companies to pay attention and not bury their heads in the sand. It is critical for companies to understand the impact these changes can have on their company and make sure they remain in compliance as technology continues to vastly changes.

artificial intelligence

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