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IT Trends



Vendor Management

managing multiple vendors - hardware companies or a third party software app company; also working directly with a vendor’s support organization.



Being a wholeseller (VAR) for our hardware and software partners we sell hardware and installable software -  desktops, notebooks, networking equipment, servers;  Quickbooks, Microsoft office, etc.

Technology solutions involve various platforms and vendors. Often issues arise that can escalated to finger-pointing and unresolved problems. Sentry Technology Solutions Vendor Management does exactly that - we manage communication between you and the vendors.
We are your point of contact (POC) for any and all of your vendor interactions. We manage a full range of vendors to include phone systems, computer equipment, networking equipment and other applications. When problems occur, our team determines who to call.

Sentry technology Solutions’ IT procurement and purchasing activities are essential to any business which uses information systems and equipment.
We continually evaluate solutions and negotiate with vendors to guarantee you get the best services and pricing possible.


Software Install, Configure, and Manage

Email, Office365, Secure Email, and SaaS apps setup and management, third party cloud offerings.


Time and Material / Break Fix

Sentry Technology Solutions will accept call-ins for emergency repairs on an availability basis.

There are two classes of software: system software - runs and manages your computer, operating system, file management utilities, networks. Application software (are referred to as aps) is software that completes specific functions/tasks.

Sentry Technology Solutions takes the time and often times expertise needed to install software. But installation is just the beginning. Software, from plugins to complicated aps require configuration of the installed software. Software vendors often promulgate updates. These update need to be managed, especially if they interface with other applications.

Our Break/fix services are generally fee-based. Contact Sentry Technology Solutions when repairs and upgrades are needed.

Our Break/Fix Service can free up your valuable IT resources to concentrate on business activities while improving end-user productivity.