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Our IT Consulting Services helps companies who are looking to grow and/or fine-tune their existing technology capabilities.


Sentry Technology Solutions provides custom-tailored IT consulting services. We will assemble a custom-tailored team that can cover a wide range of business technology solutions. Our consulting services provide the collaboration to develop effective processes.

Consultation examples

  • Strategic planning
  • Operational reviews of Technology and the existing operational systems compared to those technologies.
  • Cost analysis
  • Digital transformation Recommendations.
  • Technology Second Opinions
  • IT Budget Planning
  • Development and implementation of new IT process models for improved efficiencies.

Consultation Benefits

Our IT Consulting Services provide our clients with the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and workflow
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve profitability
  • Increase internal team and customer collaboration

Special Projects

As your IT consultant, Sentry Technology Solutions' engineers are experienced in system and software engineering. Our special projects, can vary from system-wide equipment upgrades (including assisting with turning the old equipment to a leasing company), to design / build / implement a new system.

The scope of our special projects are linked to the cleint’s business processes and systems that is targeted for the project. Whether the project is to launch a new system, discontinue an old system, or integrate/merge different systems, the change will have some impact on business processes and systems. Documentation of your business processes and system requirements are a fundamental part of the project’s statement-of-work

For each project we define a statement of work that includes specifications, schedules and budgets. Our projects are within spec - on time - and within budget.

Every client’s requirements are different – thus there is no “right” way for all cases. Sentry Technology Solutions, from the very beginning, takes the time to know both your organization and your industry. Our solutions are based on what your organization needs.

Our special projects teams assist our clients to focus on developing new / advanced capabilities, often on an accelerated time scale.

Sentry Technology Solutions' project teams have all the experience, skill, and proven results to help your organization to improve their operational efficiency. Our project teams experience cover a full range of business sizes – from small business to large multi-location companies.